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Details Characterisation of local chicken in low input - low output production systems: Is there scope for appropriate production and breeding strategies in Malawi?

This study was conducted to characterise local chickens and their production system in order to test whether there is potential and scope to improve their productivity and for sustainable utilisation of their genetic resources. The study had three ...

60,55 EUR*
Details Characterisation of Jack Jumper Ant Venom: Definition of the Allergic Components and Pharmaceutical Development of Myrmecia pilosula (Jack Jumper) Ant Venom for Immunotherapy

Ant sting allergy in Australia is predominantly due to the Myrmecia pilosula species complex (Jack Jumper Ant, JJA) and venom immunotherapy has been shown to be effective in preventing anaphylaxis to the sting of this ant. This work describes the ...

172,36 EUR*
Details Social Choice Re-Examined (International Economic Association Series)

Social Choice Re-Examined, Volume 2 Since World War II the subject of social choice has grown in many and surprising ways. The impossibility theorems have suggested many directions: mathematical characterisations of voting structures satisfying ...